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Stop Repossession

Repossession is a reality for thousands of home owners. Using our quick house sale service is one of the most effective ways to stop repossession or avoid repossession.
Repossession orders are granted by the court to lenders when a borrower has broken the terms of the lending agreement, the most common reason is missed mortgage payments. If you are struggling to make your monthly payment on your mortgage or secured loan the first thing you should do is talk to your lender and try to make arrangements with them, it may be possible to agree a temporary repayment plan.
You should always seek independent financial and legal advice. There are some places that offer free advice and guidance on this issue, examples being the Citizens Advice Bureau or your local council.
Stop Mortgage Repossession
One way to stop mortgage repossession proceedings is to pay off your mortgage or loan in full. Selling to our quick house sale service will help you do this. To avoid repossession you should contact us immediately for our help. If our quick house sale service is an appropriate product for you we will deal directly with your lender and with the court to stop repossession from happening. We aim to achieve a postponement of the repossession that allows you to sell fast.
Our quick house sale service from Open 4 Offers gives you a guaranteed sale that is completed in a business like timescale. Hundreds of people have achieved a fast house sale with a Open 4 Offers sell using our quick house sale service.
Stop Lender Repossession
If your lender has started repossession proceedings against you and you don’t take any action it is likely a court date will be set and the lender will take possession of the property and you will be evicted. It is important to take action to avoid repossession. Always talk to your lender and seek independent advice. If, after doing these things, you decide you would like to pay off all the secured debt on the property then using our quick house sale service is a good option and one that thousands of people successfully use.
In short, our quick house sale service from Open 4 Offers lets you stop repossession and also clear all the debt secured on the property. Depending on the value of your property and the balance of the secured debts you may be able to raise some cash as well.
If you are going through a divorce or separation you will no doubt be under enough pressure without the unnecessary stress of an estate agent sale. Sell your house quick to Open 4 Offers Fast Property Sale and get the cash within two weeks without having to pay any fees.
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